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You would rather see someone smiling than someone who is somber. A smile is an attraction that can make a person grow sweet and approachable. When someone smiles, the part that will be seen is the teeth, so it is important to maintain healthy teeth to keep white, teeth are not hollow and neatly arranged. In addition to taking care of your teeth, do not forget to keep your mouth and tongue healthy so as not to cause bad breath.

Taking Care of Healthy Teeth

What needs to be done to maintain oral health? Here are tips on taking care of your teeth and mouth to stay healthy and beautiful:

Choose Dental Floss, Avoid Toothpick

Finished enjoy the food, usually there are some foods that inhabit the gaps of the teeth. This situation can be disruptive and if left too long can cause tooth decay. To remove it, use dental floss instead of using a toothpick. Dental floss will minimize the occurrence of friction and impact on the teeth and gums. Conversely the use of toothpicks allows the shift of teeth and injure the gums, making bleeding gums and infection.

Brushing Right

How to brush your teeth correctly?

Brush with light pressure. Pressing too hard on teeth will damage teeth and gums. The gums will bleed easily and are sensitive to infection. Because of the problem, the gums become imperfect to support the teeth and can cause tooth decay or teeth to date.
Direction of correct sweep. The correct brushing direction is a one-way vertical from the base to the tip of the tooth. The goal is that the remaining food in between teeth can be swept out and the tooth-gum border is not eroded. The direction of the sweep for the molars is a chewed surface brush with a movement to the right-left like a sweep or a shortening motion.
The ideal brushing time duration is 2-3 minutes. If too fast, teeth will be less clean but if too long can erode tooth enamel and irritate gums.
Use a soft toothbrush. Bristles that are hard and rigid will damage the enamel. Make sure the bristles are neat and not out of line.
Choose a toothbrush with a small brush head. The size of the brush head corresponding to the jaw will make the teeth cleaner as it reaches the deepest part of the tooth.

The Right Time to Brush Teeth

Recommended toothbrushing time is morning after breakfast and night before bedtime, because at bedtime, there is no saliva production. As a result, if any food remains, will make bacteria and germs active. The remaining foods that contain acids and sugars will weaken tooth enamel and increase the risk of cavities.

Gargling with Mouthwash

Finish brushing your teeth, complete with gargling with mouthwash containing antiseptic. This is useful for protecting teeth from plaque. In the mouth that is experiencing problems, such as wounds on the gums can use mouthwash containing antibiotics.

Cloak Tongue

The surface of the tongue is shaped like a “valley hill” which means there are gaps on the surface of the tongue that need to be cleaned. Kototran does not disappear if by rinsing. How to clean it is to scrape the surface of the tongue using a toothbrush or a special tool to scrape the tongue.

Chew Gum

Chewing gum is useful for self cleansing on the teeth. Chewing gum can clean up food scraps and plaque on tooth surface. Chewing gum will stimulate the production of saliva so that the mouth is not dry and bad breath, Although useful, but the sugar content in gum can damage the teeth, so do not forget to brush your teeth after chewing.

Limit Sugar and Acid Consumption

As much as possible, limit foods and beverages containing sugar and acids such as candy, chocolate, or soft drinks. The simple carbohydrates contained in them are highly preferred bacteria. Bacteria will make plaque that will convert sugar to acid. Acid can erode tooth enamel and make cavities. It would be very good, if after consuming sugar or acid, take time to brush your teeth.

Limit Wine, Coffee and Tea

The content of tannins contained in tea and coffee can change the color of the outer layer of the teeth or enamel. Dyes on other colored drinks, such as wine, syrup or soft drinks can also cause stains on the teeth.

Stains will easily form on the surface of a rough tooth caused due to uneven plaque or anatomical teeth. Prevention is to drink using a straw and limit consumption of 1-2 cups a day.

Do not smoke

At the time of smoking cigarettes, cigarette smoke and millions of other chemicals contained in a cigarette will enter the mouth and affect the tissues and organs in the mouth, including the teeth.

Cigarette smoke also reduces the production of saliva causing bad breath, causing the mouth to dry and making the mouth become a comfortable place for bacteria to breed.

Other effects of smoking include:

Gum color changes, teeth and lips become darker
Dental caries is easily formed
Increased risk of oral cancer
Mouth so flavored cigarettes

Use of Teeth Whitening

The negative effect, from the use of teeth whitening is the gums become more sensitive. So, if you want to do teeth whitening, check if your gums are healthy and safe to perform the procedure.

Teeth whitening on the market such as bleach on toothpaste, strip or brush can be used if the ingredients are below 3% and the bleach content is called hydrogen peroxide. Also check whether the product has permission from the health authority.

Dental check

Pain or not, you should regularly visit the dentist 6 months. The goal is to check the dental and mouth health. If there is no problem, you can clean the tartar.

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